Ironbark Creations – robust, character-filled, unpretentious, beautiful pieces of individuality.

Ironbark Creations is about uniqueness, strength and a love of all things natural. The products in this collection are always one-of-a-kind – there may be slight variations in colour, style and flavour, and there may also be slight imperfections now and again. All these create the exclusivity of owning an Ironbark Creations piece.

The focus of our product range is to incorporate as little plastic ingredients and materials as possible. We strive to utilise natural fibres, oils, waxes and packaging wherever possible. This has become one of the biggest challenges for our little business. So much time is invested in sourcing ingredients and materials that don’t cost the earth (literally). However, it’s also a lot of fun researching, shopping and playing around with different products.

Sewing has always been a passion for me, and there’s only so many outfits and soft furnishings I can make for myself and my family. I now have time on my hands to invest in creating items that other people can also enjoy. In our previous business I learned how to make natural soaps, lip balms and candles, which our customers really enjoyed – especially when a new flavour or fragrance was released. There’s something about exotic, sensuous aromas that excite so many people. The range of products that we are making will continue to grow as we discover new and enticing tastes and aromas.

I hope you enjoy visiting Ironbark Creations – it is our pleasure to create a piece of uniqueness just for you.

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